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Type 1 - 2023 British Silver Britannia

2023 Silver Britannia

Type 1 - 2023 British Uncirculated Silver Britannia - Queen Elizabeth II

The 2023 British Silver Britannia is brilliant uncirculated with a gorgeous "proof-like" finish. This limited release 2023 Britannia features the final effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Rumor has it that the Royal Mint started producing these 2023 dated coins before the Queen's passing and rather than melt them, they decided to release this short run to the public. As such, supplies are extremely limited and the coins may sell out without notice. A second 2023 dated Britannia coin featuring King Charles III's effigy will be released in the new year. What that means is that there will be a Type 1 coin (Queen) and Type 2 coin (King) for 2023. Naturally, the mintage of the Type 1 coins will be significantly lower than the Type 2 coins.

For the eleventh time since 1997, the coins are struck from 1 ounce of 0.999 fine silver. Previous years were struck from 0.958 fine "Britannia" silver. Each coin is legal tender in England with a face value of £2.

The stunning design, by award-winning sculptor Philip Nathan, depicts Britannia standing proudly, trident in hand. For added security, this year's coin features all new surface animation, tincture lines, and micro text as part of the design. Britannia's image is steeped in history, having been featured on a coin of every British monarch since the reign of Charles II.

The Silver Britannia is arguably the most beautiful of all the world one ounce silver coins and is also very hard to find since few are exported to the United States.

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