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2021 Type-1 American Silver Eagle Roll

2021 Silver Eagle Roll

2021 Silver Eagle Rolls (Type 1) - SOLD OUT AT U.S. MINT!

The Silver Eagle Coin Company is pleased to offer mint fresh 2021 Type 1 Silver Eagle Rolls. Each roll contains (20) GEM Brilliant Uncirculated coins, each coin contains one ounce of 0.999 pure silver. These are the "Type 1" 2021 silver eagles with the classic heraldic eagle reverse design by John Mercanti.

These rolls come directly from a mint-sealed green monster box (500 coins) and are not searched or "cherry-picked" for perfect coins. We do not third-party grade silver eagles and sell off the rejects like many other dealers. We simply take a mint roll from a newly opened green monster box, tape the lid shut for safe travel, and ship it to you. Minor flaws or blemishes are possible. Perfect coins are also possible. The coins are exactly as we receive from the U.S. Mint with no returns permitted.

Since many customers ask us about graded silver eagles and why we don't offer them, our reasoning can be found here.

NOTE: For security reasons, we can only ship silver eagle rolls to a "Confirmed Address" (same as your CC billing address). Orders which request shipping to an unconfirmed address will be canceled/refunded.

2021 Type 1 Silver Eagle Rolls are available at $770.00 per roll (Insured U.S. shipping included). To order, please click the button below.

NOTE: The free shipping offer only applies if shipping to a U.S. address. Please e-mail for International Shipping Rates.

NOTE: Coins may sell out without notice and prices are subject to change without notice. Once you order, your price is locked in -- regardless of whether silver goes up or down in value subsequently. Orders cannot be canceled or modified in any way once placed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the unstable silver market, please "refresh" or "reload" this page on your browser or mobile device to see current pricing. We are unable to honor any orders received from obsolete or "cached" web pages that are days or weeks old. Such orders will be canceled/refunded.

2021 Type 2 Silver Eagle Rolls - STILL AVAILABLE!
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