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1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

1921 BU Morgan Silver Dollar - 100 Years Old!

The Morgan silver dollar was named for its designer, George T. Morgan. These coins were minted from 1878 until 1904 at the Philadelphia, New Orleans, San Francisco, and Carson City mints. The coins were discontinued in 1904 after the U.S. Government exhausted its supply of silver bullion. In 1918, Congress passed the Pittman Act and recalled over 270 million silver dollars for melting. The silver dollar gained new life in America in 1921, which was the last year the original Morgan silver dollars were minted. In 2021, the Morgan Silver Dollar was minted again to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the last Morgan silver dollar.

These coins are in Brilliant Uncirculated condition (MS60 quality or better) as shown in the photos. The Morgan silver dollar has become one of the most widely collected coins of all time. Here's your chance to own a beautiful piece of Americana at an affordable price!

IMPORTANT NOTE: These coins were minted 100 years ago as "circulating coinage" without any special handling and originally came in 1,000 coin canvas bags. As such, ALL these coins will have what are known as "bag marks" which are noticeable blemishes or abrasions caused by contact between the coins during the minting process or subsequent transportation of the 1,000 coin bags over many decades. This condition is 100% normal for these coins -- especially at this price point. Morgan silver dollars with perfect surfaces (similar to that of a modern day silver eagle) simply do not exist at any price.

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