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2012 American "Silver" Eagle in PURE COPPER

2012 American Eagle in PURE COPPER

Brilliant Uncirculated 2012 American Eagle in PURE COPPER!

If you are like most people, American Silver Eagles have simply gotten "too expensive" to use as everyday gifts or prizes. These PURE COPPER rounds are designed to look like a $40.00 silver eagle but contain no silver. Instead, they are struck from one ounce of .999 pure copper and are a fraction of the cost of a silver eagle!

These non-legal-tender "coins" are 39 mm in diameter and have a proof like finish and are made by a private mint.

The obverse features Adolph A. Weinman's stunning Walking Liberty design dating back to 1916, with an ever hopeful Liberty striding confidently toward the sunrise, draped in the strength of the Stars and Stripes carrying in her arms branches of laurel and oak to symbolize both civil and military glory. The reverse design features a stylized USA flag and eagle with the date (2012) and the words "ONE AVDP OUNCE - COPPER .999 FINE".

FINALLY... an American Eagle style "coin" that everyone can afford!

NOTE: Does not contain any silver.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING QUALITY: These rounds are mass produced by a private mint and we get them from the exact same supplier as all other coin dealers. The quality will be acceptable to below average when compared to US Mint coins since the copper is quite soft and no special care is made at the manufacturer when they pack the rounds into the loose-fitting tubes. Minor blemishes are possible since these rounds are so inexpensive. Some people expect to receive perfect, proof-strike coins that look like a $50 US Mint coin. These on the other hand are generic low-cost copper rounds. Please DO NOT BUY if you are looking for perfect quality. These rounds are NOT RETURNABLE for any reason.

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