1933 Saint Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle Reproduction

On July 30, 2002 Sotheby’s and Stack’s auctioned off the most valuable gold coin in the world, the fabled and elusive 1933 Saint Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle. The coin was sold for a world record 7.59 million dollars! This was the first time that the United States Government had authorized private ownership of a 1933 Double Eagle. After it was struck in 1933, President Roosevelt, in one of his first acts as President, took the United States off the gold standard in an effort to help the struggling American economy out of the Great Depression. All of the 1933 Double Eagles were ordered destroyed, but ten specimens are known to have escaped into private hands. However, as they had never been officially "issued" as United States coinage, they cannot be legally owned. As a result, nine of the ten specimens were seized by, or turned in to, the United States Secret Service in the 1940s and 50s and were subsequently melted. The last remaining 1933 Double Eagle surfaced in 1996 and was seized by the United States Secret Service. The coin was returned to the United States Mint as a result of the Department of Justice’s settlement of a forfeiture action, and in that landmark legal settlement, this one coin became the only 1933 Double Eagle now or ever authorized for private ownership by the United States Government.

This is a stunning reproduction of the Classic 1933 Saint Gaudens $20 Gold Double Eagle. This is not a cheap silver dollar size reproduction. It is struck from expensive, custom manufactured tooling and is composed of a double layer of 24 karat gold over pure silver! It is also struck to the exact size of the original (unlike the cheap silver dollar size repro) that will allow it to fit into a gold double eagle coin album or standard jewelry bezel. The coin is sealed in an air-tite capsule to protect the beautiful proof-like finish. This exact coin is offered nationally at $39 but is offered here at significant savings!

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